Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Better 907 Days Late Than Never

On May 5, 2004, I predicted that Donald Rumsfeld would resign on May 15, 2004. For the next ten days, I wrote the Donniebrook — Rumsfeld Retrospective, a tour of the many facets of Donald Rumsfeld.

Donald Rumsfeld is resigning today. Back in 2004, I was a little optimistic regarding the Rumsfeld resignation timeline, but I'll cheer him turning in his badge anytime.

Bye, Donnie.

Donniebrook — The Rumsfeld Retrospective
5/5/2004 Donald Rumsfeld Will Resign in 10 Days
5/6/2004 Donald Rumsfeld: Diplomat
5/7/2004 Donald Rumsfeld: Lecturer
5/8/2004 Donald Rumsfeld: Father of Diet Soda
5/9/2004 Donald Rumsfeld: Executive Operator
5/10/2004 Donald Rumsfeld: Septuagenarian
5/11/2004 Donald Rumsfeld: Rulemaker
5/12/2004 Donald Rumsfeld: Shaolin Master (my favorite Rumsfeld)
5/13/2004 Donald Rumsfeld: Endlessly Inspiring Public Persona
5/14/2004 Donald Rumsfeld: Friend
5/15/2004 Donald Rumsfeld Should Resign Today

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