Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The GOP Thinks You're Dumb

Although he was speaking before the John Kerry flap started, Mark Shields laid the groundwork for this potential Democratic strategy on the Newshour with Jim Lerher last Friday. It's just about the only thing the Democrats should be saying at this point. ...and the Democrats should be shouting it from the mountaintops:

     Americans, Republicans think you're dumb.

They think this election can be converted into a referendum on John Kerry, a Democrat who is not running for office during this election.

Why do they think this? Well, it's because:

As Wonkette noted today:

John Kerry is not funny. Neither is the situation in Iraq that Republican candidates are distancing themselves from.
They Think You're Dumb, America.
The GOP Thinks You're Dumb.

They think that, with 120 hours left, you'll make this election about a verbal miscue from a Democratic politician WHO IS NOT RUNNING FOR OFFICE THIS YEAR.

Remember: They think this because, They Think You're Dumb.

On Election Day,
they think you'll look past their bungling of Iraq,
they think you'll look past their sordid misdeeds,
they think you'll look past their influence fire sale.
They think this because:

They Think You're Dumb


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