Thursday, May 13, 2004

Donnie-brook: Rumsfeld's Resignation Comes in 2 Days

The Rumsfeld Retrospective is just about to draw to a close, as Rumsfeld will resign sometime on Saturday, May 15th.

His boss sent him on a fieldtrip to Iraq while final plans for his departure are being drawn up for his exit. Meanwhile, the NY Times paints a telling picture of how Donnie continues to operate in this stressful environment.

Since it's just about time for Mayflower movers to show up at the Pentagon to help Donnie with his boxes, we have to start looking at Rumsfeld's historical legacy, and the way that he'll be portrayed by future historians.

Rumsfeld the Endlessly Inspiring Public Persona

Source: Stephen Crowley/The New York Times

Rumsfeld provides enough grist for the mills of 100 History PhDs. Pianist Bryant Kong points out that Bush's malapropisms are worthy only of a desk calendar, whereas Rumsfeld's peerless deconstruction of English is worthy of high art.

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