Monday, May 10, 2004

Donnie-brook: 5 Days Until Rumsfeld Resigns

Well, it's back to work for Donnie. He started his morning with his boss visiting him at the Pentagon to look at some nasty pictures -- a great way to start a Monday.

We at the Rumsfeld Retrospective have been in flashback mode for a couple days, examining Rumsfeld's corporate history. Let's linger in the past for yet another day, as we look at the start of Donnie's public career:

Donnie the Septuagenarian

Source: Princeton University

As his 1954 Senior Year photograph will attest, Rumsfeld was young once. But there's no mistaking his age now -- he's almost 72, working like it's 2030 and Social Security has evaporated. Sure, he's still on the job when most people are refining their Bingo game, but it wasn't because he was a late bloomer. On the contrary, Rumsfeld was an early starter.

1969-70   Director, Office of Economic Opportunity, Assistant to the President, Member of the President's Cabinet (at age 37)
1971-72   Member of the President's Cabinet
1973   US Ambassador to NATO
1974   Chairman of the Ford Administration Transition Team
1974   White House Chief of Staff
1975-77   The 13th U.S. Secretary of Defense
Source: Wikipedia
Note that he's been Secretary of Defense before, when he was 43 years old. By pulling a Grover Cleveland of the first order, Rumsfeld has become both the youngest and the oldest Secretary of Defense to ever serve our country.

With this longevity record firmly intact, he can now retire at ease. In 5 Days.

6 Days Left
7 Days
8 Days
9 Days
10 Days

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