Saturday, January 19, 2008

If we're like Sweden....

Yesterday folks at Wonkette posted this great map in which the name of each state has been replaced with the name of the country that has a similar GDP to that state.

California comes out looking like France, which is sort of fitting.
North Carolina comes out like Sweden.


As a resident of North Carolina, a state in which I routinely see people with rickets and missing teeth, I have to ask, Where is all that money going?


Ralph said...

Children, can you say, "Inequitable distribution"?

I lived in Sweden for about two years during the nineties. It's about as solidly middle-class as a place could be. Hardly anyone is very rich, and hardly anyone is very poor. Most people are quite comfortable. I spent many pleasant hours wandering the many pleasant neighborhoods of Stockholm. I also rode the bus most days through what some Stockholmers consider a rough neighborhood (Rinkeby), and I had two friends who lived there, whom I visited occasionally. Rest assured, there are far worse neighborhoods in practically any town of over 100,000 people in the USA. Sweden is a very different country.

johnrob said...

College basketball players.