Saturday, January 26, 2008

CSTV's New Basketball Gametracker Interface:
The Finest Sports Ticker Tape Yet

As an out-of-market fan of Stanford basketball, Nebraska football, and Fulham football/soccer, I'm accustomed to "watching" games online via dramatizations of game statistics. It can be pretty dull stuff, since you're merely watching statistics like 10:25 Free Throw GOOD by STAN's Lopez, Brook being stitched together via a dynamic web interface.

There's only so much drama that you can inject into the snippets of game information some poor drone is feeding into the information service that ESPN et al. use for these displays. Familiar with the general un-watchability of these screens, I'm STUNNED by one that I just discovered. As far as basketball goes, CSTV's new basketball interface raises the bar. Obviously, the action still has the Morse Code pacing of erratic statistical blurbs, but the representation is beautiful and flowing:

It's nearly watchable.

Seeing is believing. Watch a bit of a game yourself. Good job, CSTV.

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