Monday, March 14, 2005

Announcing the Sauntering Slimy Stock Index (SSS)

Move over, Warren Buffett. Today, we begin a journey into the ill-advised.

Unfortunately, I'm the frequent recipient of faxes from wee tiny companies touting how they are the next Google/General Electric/Microsoft... though they make motorized surfboards, have a market cap of $4 million, and are faxing chumps like me about their penny-valued stock.

Today is the day when I turn the tide. From this day forward, I shall pretend to buy $1,000 of each of these stocks as they are faxed to me, tracking this faux portfolio in my Morningstar account. I'll provide a quarterly update concerning the performance of these gems.

Today, the portfolio is initiated with a fake purchase of Cyberads Inc. (CAYD.OB), whose motorized surfboard is sure to soon replace all other modes of transportation.

1 comment:

Andy said...

It has been proposed to me that the Sauntering Slimy Stock Index should really have ($$$) as its ticker symbol, so plan on seeing both used interchangeably.