Thursday, March 03, 2005

All the News That's Fit To Ignore

It's easy to love a website's News section, because (almost without fail) these sections will only have a certain kind of news: good news.

If you visited Sally Anthony's singing career website, you'd think it's been a quiet couple of news months for this Nashville-based performer. Google News seems to think otherwise.

In January, Ms. Anthony (part-owner of the ABA's Nashville Rhythm) attempted to fire the Rhythm's Ashley McElhiney, the first female coach of any men's professional team. Rather than wait until the Rhythm's in-progress game was over, Ms. Anthony decided to fire McElhiney during the game, and ended up being restrained by security.

Yeah. That sounds like news to me, too.

Source: & Google News

I think that Ms. Anthony should set an example for all of us and rename this section Good News.

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