Thursday, February 10, 2005

Try Emma, Axel, Roger, River, Brittany & Sunshine

I work for a company that makes information visualization software, so it's not surprising that I would get all worked up about a graph, but...

...Ignoring that for a moment, YOU SIMPLY MUST check out The Name Voyager at This graph requires java, and it dynamically shows you the ebbs and flows in popularity for the 5,000 of the most popular names in the United States over the last century.

The graph below is for Grace, a name that is as popular today as it was during the turn of the century, after a long period of dormancy.


Thanks, Silbakor!

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Lohans said...

woah! that's bizarre! my friend JUST sent me a link to this babyname thing today, and i just happened upon your site where YOU are proclaiming over it's greatness! i wonder if he found it from randomly coming upon your site as well? interesting...i'll definitely ask him.