Wednesday, March 24, 2004

No Classes on Evolution at St. Regis
As If There Weren't Enough Tests

While the Georgia Department of Education was considering replacing evolution with non-science, 11 of its teachers were out getting fake master's and doctor's degrees from St. Regis University.

The whole Georgia evolution flap reminds me of those who attack gay marriage because it damages marriage as an institution. Just as Georgians would wise to target rural poverty, instead of evolution, as a principal threat to their educational system, gay marriage critics' argument that they're combatting gay marriage to fight a threat to a social institution just doesn't carry water.

Even if I agreed with these critics, I'd say that rampant divorce, reality-TV show marriages, and Vegas weddings are a greater threat to socially sanctioned monogamy than two people who love each other but have slightly incompatible bedroom equipment. Why aren't protesters queuing up outside the Chapel of Love?

If gay marriage critics were focused on the real culprits harming marriage, they'd echo Andy Rooney -- who wishes it was harder to get married.

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