Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Confident and Counterfactual

Knowing how partisan I can be, I'm always a little leery whenever I see only slivers in the eye of the GOP. I generally anticipate that a future version of me will be level-headed enough to self-critique my partisan rhetoric of the moment.

This time around, I simply do not think that a future me will consider 2004 criticism of Bush/Rove's campaign as an overreaction.

As the general election campaign rolls into action, I'm already fed up with the half-truths emanating from the White House. The Bush Administration's selective presentation of the facts constitute attacks of a thoroughly manipulative and doggedly political nature. I agree with Tom Daschle, that the attacks the White House has launched on Valerie Plame, Paul O'Neill, and now, Richard Clarke constitute an "abuse of power."

As the campaigns battle for the hearts and minds of the 15% swing populace, I anticipate that the Bush Administration's selective telling of the truth will only grow more conspicuous.

Today's highlight:
Reuter's takes issue with Bush's claim that Kerry's proposed elimination of tax breaks for individuals making more than $200K is really an attack on small business. (Whenever a news wire needs to take that strong an editorial stance, you know they're trying to undo some serious spin.)

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