Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Holy Men with Beards Risk Bringing New Meaning to Phrase "Russian Bear"

Though we Liberals applaud the American Episcopalian church for consecrating V. Gene Robinson as its first openly gay bishop, the church is feeling real consequences in response to its brave action. Yesterday, the Russian Orthodox Church announced that it would "freeze its relations" with the Episcopal Church USA.

This Cold War-like action is clearly an attempt to clarify the sexuality status of dudes who look and dress like this. Personally, I think these men look like rockstars and need not go to such great lengths to tout their heterosexuality.

Did we question the sexuality of 80's hair rockers Warrant or Poison? Of course not. You see, it's okay for rockers to look just a little gender bent.

His Holiness should rest easy. We know he's all about the honeys.

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