Sunday, February 11, 2007

In 154 Hours, I Might Have a Golden Pig

I haven't mentioned it yet in this blog, but Steph & I are expecting a baby. Soon.

Our due date is February 20th, but since only 5% of women give birth on their due dates, we've been prepared for the baby to arrive any day these past few weeks.

Our readiness for the baby's arrival has bred impatience. I've never felt more impatient (... & anxious & excited & eager & ready) in my life, and days ago I started hoping that the baby would join us just a little early — a hope fueled by the baby's low station inside Steph and our doctor's observation that labor seemed just around the corner.

Now I have learned a new tidbit to combat my impatience. If Baby & Steph can hold out until February 18th, our child may be a Golden Pig.

According to Chinese astrology, the Year of the Dog will end on February 17th, to be followed by the Year of the Pig. Since Chinese astrology not only includes 12 animals but also 5 elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, & water), every 5th Year of the Pig is a Fire Pig year. The coming year is a Fire Pig year, and according to the National Folk Museum of Korea, the Fire Pig is the most auspicious of all Pig Years. (Fire is associated with Red, a color regarded by traditional Chinese belief as the most fortunate.)

However, a rumor circulating throughout Korea and China that this coming year is more than a normal Fire Pig year. According to various online accounts, oscillations in Yin & Yang this year will amplify the already positive Fire Pig, creating a Year of the Golden Pig.

Children born in the Year of the Golden Pig will supposedly lead a comfortable life, blessed with good luck and financial wealth. Although competing Chinese astrologers & historians debate whether the year is actually a golden one, it appears that many families in Asia would rather not take their chances. Hospitals in Shanghai are preparing for a one-year baby boom, expecting a 10% surge in births.

So hang in there, baby. A Pig of Gold might be your reward.

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