Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hey, The List is Growing Every Day

My brother and I reflect on the Best Wikipedia Page Ever:

[15:31] Andy: I haven't blogged about this, but it's just precious:
[15:32] Joe: Hey, the list is growing every day
[15:32] Andy: I want to add historical names for grins. Millard Filmore
[15:33] Joe: I know, people would be like "Really?"
[15:33] Joe: Have Taft shooting Adolf Coors or something.
[15:34] Andy: I'm now laughing silently and uncontrollably in the library.
[15:34] Joe: I thought you might like that one.
[15:35] Andy: Mine was less funny
[15:35] Andy: I was in the process of writing...
[15:35] Andy: "I know someone shot Burl Ives, but I forgot it was Spiro Agnew."
[15:35] Joe: Perfect. Somebody shot Burl Ives?
[15:35] Andy: Nope
[15:35] Joe: Nice
[15:36] Andy: Have Teddy Roosevelt shooting, perhaps, a whole baseball team.
[15:36] Joe: He'd have done it, too.
[15:36] Andy: Yeah... did you hear about the Black Sox thing?
[15:36] Andy: Yeah,
[15:36] Andy: ...they shot all those guys.
[15:36] Joe: That's why we have Octoberfest.

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Andy said...

Since this page faces almost certain deletion, here is the current text:

Articles in category "People shot by standing Vice Presidents"

There are 2 articles in this section of this category.

* Alexander Hamilton


* Harry Whittington