Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Der Sachsenspiegel in Bildern, Violent 13th Century Legal Code/Comic Book

Der Sachsenspiegel in Bildern (translated Wikipedia Germany link) is a 13th century Germanic legal code. For ease of reading, it's illustrated — and the illustrations are crazy.

43. (Ldr. III 90 § 1) Who finds from unknown quantities a killing on the field and buries it with knowledge of the village neighbours, no criminal offense commits. (Thank Google/Babelfish for these glorious translations)

73. (Lnr. 19 § 1) the advocate must pay the bet, if the party does not profess itself to its word, if it cannot swear that it adhered exact to its order. This swears to the verbal error on the picture with a hand on the holy ones, while he points with second on his mouth and with third to his client, in order to say that he adhered exact to its words, which denies these however, by shutting itself the mouth and turning away half from him. (Note: Only historical reference to three-handed lawyer)

76. (Ldr. III 25 § 1) the successor of the deceased of judge may do court certification over the placing, which was done during the term of office of its predecessor and it via the certification of the jurors is proven. Four jurors inform the new judge under oath of the procedures.

133. (Ldr. III 48 §§ 1 u. 2)Who holds a malicious dog, a tamed wolf, a deer, bear or ape, must the damage, which they cause, replace. Right in the picture swore to the damage as plaintiffs (plaintiff gesture!) and two witnesses that the animals were at the time of the causing of damage in the possession of the deplored keeper of an animal.

138. (Ldr. III 79 § 2) No foreign one is obligated to answer for itself in the village after village right — in the new village, by the church, by the farmer master court is kept represented — the before it stand farmer appoint itself on it in the document the gentleman confirm by a document special right. The foreign one at left turns away and gives thereby and with the "Unfaehigkeitsgestus" to understand that it refuses the answer. It is dressed as turn, in allusion on the expression "uz wendic one". (Deep, I know. I think the guy on the left is flipping everybody off.)


BuffyICS said...

There's also a lego version of God's law:

Anonymous said...

Which of course inspires a reference to the lego classic "Block Death."

What is "Unfaehigkeitsgestus" anyway?