Thursday, August 18, 2005

What 3 Days of Law School Have Taught Me

I promise that this blog will not become a blow-by-blow of law school, but I feel obligated to share my Deep Legal Insights™, having sat through a total of 8 law school classes so far.

My Tale of Law School Learning
Week 1

  • DO NOT be a worker who is injured on the job in early 19th century England.
  • DO expect that your boiler, car, coach, or gun will probably explode.
  • When an idea is too unclear to express in English, use Latin. That'll clear things right up.
  • DO NOT swim across the Harlem River from Manhattan to the Bronx, then frolic in the water below some power lines owned by a railroad. Nothing good can come from this.

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Garfield said...

You think Law is bad with latin? In taxonomy, when you name a new species, you it is suggested that you do so in Latin. In fact, if you name a plant its a requirement. How's that for open and transparent science?