Friday, August 19, 2005

Found On The Internets: Many of Them are Juvenile, Some of Them are Classic

When I lived in California, the occasional transplanted East Coaster would tell me that they missed the traditional seasons (California's seasons being Wet and Dry). Though I'd take California weather any day, I moved there from Nebraska, and I could relate with this complaint. For many, the typical four seasons mark the passage of time and help them set their internal annual clock.

For the websurfer, there are other recurrent ways by which the passage of time is noted. Blogs are archived monthly, as is the Best of Craigslist. The Onion usually comes out on Tuesday evening.

One weekly web phenomenon that I urge you to partake in is Photoshop Phridays at Something Awful. Each week, Something Awful has a theme that its various acolytes riff on to produce some subtly hilarious doctored images.

As the humorous impact of The Onion has being tempered slightly through years of steady appreciation, Something Awful's Photoshop Phridays are just about the only regular web experience that all but guarantees laugh-out-loud yuks.

Source: Something Awful


Andy said...

Something Awful was located in New Orleans, so their Photoshop Phridays won't be around for awhile.

Andy said...

Something Awful has made a speedy recovery, and Photoshop Phridays are back in a big way.