Tuesday, July 27, 2004

The World Is Flat

I built a little map of the world, using my company's Honeycomb technology.

In the coming months, I'll throw together some similar views for data sets like the periodic table.


Anonymous said...

Andy -- I see an educational application in this flat map of the world, especially as a tool for statistical analysis in math/history class... ever considered an off-shoot software app that would be student-friendly? Or is there one already? This is where I admit to knowing very little about your company. Maybe I should've paid more attention during your business stories.
-adam f

Andy said...

Adam F,

We underwrite a research project at the University of Maryland called Treemap. This software is great for students of all ages.

The Hive Group is developing an academic licensing program for our Honeycomb software, but it's in the fledgling stage.

Andy said...

...I forgot to mention that the University of Maryland software is free.