Sunday, February 22, 2004

Send a Message to the Messenger

Out of a desire to "retire our supremely selected president," Ralph Nader has announced that he is launching an independent run for the US Presidency in the coming election.

As many Democrats/Liberals/Progressives will tell you, this could go very badly. Therefore, I urge you to contact the Nader campaign and let them know how you feel. Here's what I just told them:

The greatest gifts the Nader campaign could give to the 2004 Election would be (1) to clearly elucidate your principal issues along with practical solutions that could be implemented during one term, (2) to broadly advertise the message of, and (3) to bow out in October if the race is even remotely close.

The specific issues raised by your campaign are vitally important, and progressive pragmatists desperately need progressive idealists; however, no one -- not environmentalists, not American workers, not our foreign allies or foes -- needs another Bush presidency.

Put another nail in the coffin of the villainous electoral college, but don't be complicit in a Bush re-election that progessives cannot bare and that the world can scarcely afford.

It may be that Ralph has drank too much of his own Kool-Aid to understand the short-term detriment of his long-term optimism. However, it's distinctly possible that people within his organization can be swayed through the power of our individual responses.

Please, please, please don't be silent -- let Nader know where you stand.

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