Thursday, February 26, 2004

Excuse me.
Would You Sign this Petition to Put Roy Moore on the Presidential Ballot?

In my panicky, post-Nader-announcement tour of progressive websites, I stumbled across John Nichols' level-headed reaction at The Nation. Nichols wisely points out that the hue and cry opposing Nader's announcement indicates that Nader is just not going to matter in November.

Sadly, this season's Presidential campaign will resign Ralph Nader -- without whom we would have neither the EPA nor OSHA -- to the ranks of Aaron Burr & Alger Hiss: public figures whose otherwise notable carriers ended badly.

Timothy Noah at picks up on one of Nichols' points in his piece, Forget Nader. Draft Moore. - How Democrats can win back the White House. Roy Moore is the former Ten Commandments justice from Alabama, and his presence (backed by the Constitution Party) on the ballot in swing states could siphon many more votes from Bush than Nader could take from Kerredwards.

So, what I've been wondering is...

Would I be willing to work for the Roy Moore campaign?

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