Friday, April 24, 2009


Given all the Texas secession talk since Tax Day, the term Quebexas came to mind this morning as I was making the coffee.

Seems like there are more than a few parallels here:

  • Claims to a culture distinct from the rest of the country
  • Country-esque size (Quebec = 595,391 sq mi (larger than Madagascar), Texas = 268,820 sq mi (larger than the UK)]
  • Linguistic uniqueness
Any others that leap to mind?


Ralph Haygood said...

Religiosity, insularity, backwardness...okay, I'm being unfair to Quebec. Also, Austin is to the rest of Texas something like Montreal is to the rest of Quebec: attractive, cosmopolitan, and incongruous.

Kathleen said...

Awesome but questionable snack foods: poutines, frito pies.

Adam E said...

they both seem to produce politicians that much of the rest of their respective countries find incredibly irritating?

Amos said...

One is famous for being clean (Montreal is the 10th cleanest major city in the world; the cleanest with a population over a million).

The other is famous for trying to be clean ("Don't mess with Texas" is, believe it or not, an anti-littering slogan: