Sunday, May 11, 2008

This is Why Relegation is Awesome.
This is Why Relegation is Terrifying.

The Great Escape of 2008 is complete. 30 minutes ago, Fulham defeated Portsmouth, 1-0, to outpoint Reading (which defeated Derby, 4-0) to remain in the English Premier League.

I am completely shocked. As the commentators on Fox Soccer Channel noted, Danny Murphy's goal in the 76th minute means £50 million for the Fulham ownership. For me, it means that I get to cheer for Fulham in the EPL in 2008-09 — something that just blows my mind, considering that I wrote the team off for dead 5 weeks ago.

Go Fulham!

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Update (5/14): It's three days later, and I still think back to Fulham's escape and smile. This breakneck migration from the lowest low to the highest high feels better than any championship win I've ever celebrated.

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