Monday, August 27, 2007

Microwave Cookery

On a recent trip to a local sandwich shop, I noticed something unusual about the shop’s microwave oven.

It is unclear from this cell-phone photo whether the aluminum foil is replacing a broken viewing window or whether the shop owner is reassuring his customers that he is not reading their minds. Regardless, the tears in the foil can’t be good.

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Andy said...

Now, I was originally a skeptic. I thought there was NO WAY they had replaced the front glass of the microwave with aluminum foil.

But I've come around. A longer look at the picture convinces me that they HAVE replaced the glass with aluminum foil. The two aspects of the picture that convince me:

(1) Look at the shadow the inner edge of the door casts on the top portion of the foil. The foil is taped to the outside of the door, yet it clearly enters the space that would be otherwise occupied by the glass portion of the door.

(2) Look at the fold on the right side and bottom of the foil. These mountain foils are clearly IN, not OUT, further indicating that the foil enters the there-be-no-glass-here void.

Lastly, this be a microwave, not some other piece of restaurant gear. To me, it is clearly the Sharp 206-001. When I look at the picture of the 206-001, I see a door where the glass is bezeled away from the door; however, it looks like the aluminum foil in the modified microwave goes back further than the normal pane of glass would allow.