Monday, March 19, 2007

Neither Big Bird Nor Doug E. Fresh Saw This Coming

Sleep deprivation will make you do funny things.

As Steph knows all too well, I have the really annoying habit of – occasionally, mind you – beatboxing to songs outside the hip-hop genre. Lately, I have been known to beatbox to the tinny electronic lullabies generated by our borrowed bassinet's onboard music box.

As a children's song/beatbox enthusiast, I was pleased to see flautist Greg Pattillo's interpretation of the Sesame Street theme — an interpretation where he plays the flute while simultaneously beatboxing:

Hap tip to Daddy Types.

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Anonymous said...

Most excellent.

This week brings us the release of the Macaque genome sequence, another reminder that what separates "us" from "them" is basically the ability to shave.

From the avian world, we are often brought reminders of the similarities between us and them in the form of behavioral observations. My favorite lesson comes from Alex the parrot ( who teaches us that language is not unique to us.

My second favorite lesson comes from this fellow, who teaches us that beatboxing isn't unique either.