Monday, July 10, 2006

If You Take Her to Be Your Lawfully Wedded Wife, Say "Hoo-Rah"

This weekend, Steph & I attended a lovely wedding ceremony on a military base. You see, the bride spent her childhood as a military brat, traveling from base to base. Ultimately, it was Fort Knox that became her home.

It was a lovely Catholic ceremony, followed by a grand and riotous reception. Both halves of the day were long enough for Steph and me to discover a couple of the lighter elements oddly present when your wedding is on a military facility.

The Ceremony: In the Book of Worship for United States Forces, hymn #197 is Bless Thou the Astronauts Who Face, a classic that I'm sure we all know by heart.

The Reception: When you have your reception at the officers' club, you know there will be some military-themed art hanging over the mantle.

As Fort Knox is home of U.S. Army Armor Center and the U.S. Army Armor School, it's not too suprising that armor and cavalry feature heavily in a number of these works.

In Cold War-era painting below, I think the mushroom cloud really ties the whole thing together.

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holy mother of good that is AWESOME. VICTORY!