Saturday, May 06, 2006

This is What Happens When the Product Marketing Department Wins

Lately, I've been in adjective lock in the worst way.

What's adjective lock? You know how you go through those uncreative moods where you use the same adjective over and over? Well, lately I've been trotting out ridiculous far too often.

Andy, how was your Constitutional Law exam?
Totally ridiculous.

Hey man, do you have good notes on Eminent Domain? I need to get notes from somebody.
Sorry, mine are ridiculous.

How's the weather been out there?
It's been ridiculous.

I desperately needed something to break me out of this adjective funk, and thankfully, the perfect thing just arrived. It's the online advertisement for the Philips Bodygroom personal shaver.

...and it's completely ludicrous.

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