Sunday, April 23, 2006

For Every Pig, There Will Be a Saturday

Like my friend Adam, I'm proud of the showing my alma mater made in the face of a Bush visit on short notice. On his blog, Adam pulls a choice quote from the Stanford Daily:

Some students, like incoming freshman Alejandra Aponte, said they were surprised by the protest’s high turnout.

“I thought Stanford was really a bubble, but seeing all the people that are out here has shown me that people really are concerned,” she said. “I’m Latina; I’m from Guatemala. Right now President Bush is doing some very interesting things in Latin America. We have a phrase ‘For every pig, there will be a Saturday.’ Basically, his game is over.” (Emphasis mine)
I'm sorry, dedicated vegans and fervent (Is there any other kind?) animal rights folks, but for every pig, there will be a Saturday is an apt description for a President who just polled at 33% approval at his pet Fox News.

If it ain't Saturday yet, then it's at least beer thirty on a Friday.

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johnrob said...

In the electoral college system, you really can't conclude anything until a cadidate is under 25%... So in our country, 33% approval means 'eligable for presidency'.