Monday, March 13, 2006

Pat Robertson: Regular Like Prune Juice

The man is a force of nature and can be counted on come hell or high water. By Jove, Pat Robertson's going to say a kooky thing to get into the news just about every 50 days.

Today, Pat Robertson announced his opinion that radical Muslims are satanic.

67 days ago, Pat Robertson announced that Ariel Sharon's recent stroke could be God's punishment for Israel ceding Gaza to the Palestinians.

122 days ago, he warned voters in Dover, PA that the Almighty might send a disaster their way — since he thinks God's a big ID supporter.

154 days ago, he announced that an increased frequency of hurricanes – coupled with some knockout earthquakes – is probably evidence of the 2nd coming of Christ.

202 days ago, he asked the US government to assassinate Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

The man is no less than the Energizer Bunny of Kookiness.


SaxBoy said...

Kudos to you for continuing your diligent tracking of this periodic phenomenon.

Anonymous said...

Then there's always this little jem:

Apparently we're killers. Can't say I wouldn't mind koshing a student or two of mine though......


David Amulet said...

I have been unable to resist the urge to poke fun at Pat a few times, too. I can't believe this guy still has followers!

-- david