Tuesday, December 20, 2005

7 Million Friends & Neighbors, Hoofing It

The crawling text along the bottom of NY1 – NY's 24-hour local news channel – says The Transit Strike is On. The Transit Strike is On. The Transit Strike is On.

I will now walk 27 (short) blocks to go take a final exam in Contracts. Millions and millions of people commuting into Manhattan will walk much, much farther.

Also, it's currently 22 degrees.

Merry Christmas!


Andy said...

It took 30 minutes — not anywhere near the longest time it's taken me to get to school by subway.

At 96th street, NYPD was making sure that each vehicle entering mid-Manhattan had at least 4 occupants. Traffic was non-existent (@ 7 am) south of the checkpoint, but it was backed up for at least 20 blocks above the checkpoint.

dperkel said...

Sounds like you can finally get exercise during an east coast winter. Not too bad. Merry Chanumas.