Saturday, October 01, 2005

My Name is Pepe Pérez

As you know, the US Courts use the moniker John Doe for defendants or victims whose identities are unknown or need to remain anonymous. Jane Doe & Precious or Baby Doe play an identical role for women and children.

Similarly, an anonymous plaintiff is referred to as Richard Roe or Jane Roe. (Yes, Roe v. Wade was a Jane Roe)

The Wikipedia definition of John Doe has a wonderful section detailing the various names for John Doe around the world. Some highlights:

Australia — Fred Nurk, Joe Farnarkle, John Citizen, Joe Blow/Bloe, Joe Bloggs

Austria — Hans Meier, Hans Maier, Hans Mayer, Herr und Frau Österreicher

Germany — Max and Erika Mustermann, Lieschen Müller, Otto Normalverbraucher, Detlef Müller

Spain — Pepe Pérez, Pedro Pérez, Fulano, Fulanito, Mengano, Menganito, Zutano, Zutanito
Thanks, Colin!

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Anonymous said...

That is pretty funny. Seeing the foreign country counter part to an American something usually gives me the feeling that I've been fooled into giving too much reverence. That China has its own celebrities makes ours seem less significant.

I had always wondered who "Roe" was and have been too embarassed to ask. Now I know!