Monday, July 11, 2005

As Seen Down Our Hallway


Hoff said...

um, wow. that would take a lot of saving. is your neighbor the crazy cat lady from the simpsons?

BuffyICS said...

I'm not sure I can picture firemen diligently counting out 30 cats while the building is burning down.

Andy said...

I am more than a little amazed at the amount of Pet that some people are willing to jam into their apartments.

A guy on the 5th floor has three of these dogs in his apartment. They are stinky, more than a little overweight, absolutely massive, and he's perfectly willing to jam all of them in our half-size elevator with you.

Imagine standing in a hot, small room with 3 foot-tall black shag carpet and you'll have an idea of what this elevator experience is like.