Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Best of Craigslist

So (like me) you're at work during The Quiet Week, the monastic period between Christmas and New Year's Day during which time business is more-or-less stuck in a holding pattern.

Give yourself a break and peruse a webpage that has just been getting funnier and funnier since it started more than 4 years ago. Appreciate the best of craigslist, an assemblage of the funniest posts ever listed on this more-and-more useful and more-and-more popular site.

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Andy said...

My current favorite from this list is Straight male seeks Bush supporter for fair, physical fight - m4m, posted immediately after the President's reelection.

I suppose a close second would be Lesbian seeks platonic Sugar Daddy - 24, which, well, is what it sounds like it is.