Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Sometimes Dick Cheney Lies When the Truth Will Do

In his comedy act, Steve Harvey famously (and hilariously) noted a distinct quality of all men:

Every man in here... (long pause)


Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie!

OH GOD, we love to lie!

We will lie when the truth will do!

...we'll tell a lie anyway.
Our sitting Vice President is generally a master of the untruth, lying convincingly about matters of state both large and small.

Sometimes, however, Mr. Cheney is just off his game -- as when he told the all-but-pointless lie last night about never having met Senator Edwards. It turns out he's met Edwards on several occasions. (Of course, maybe Cheney's standard of "meeting" someone is just very high... I dunno, maybe it's like "knowing" someone in the Bible.)

It's a sad fact concerning this administration that a large portion of the populace just expects that they're lying when they talk. Jon Stewart knows this. Watch him catch the Vice President with his pants on fire (Quicktime link). (via mmeiser)

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