Monday, September 13, 2004

Special Licenses for Drivers of Giant SUVs

Navistar International apparently missed the memo on climate change and has started selling an SUV built from the same platform as the heavy truck maker's typical tow truck or cement mixer. Of course, in releasing an irresponsible vehicle that irresponsible consumers will buy, Navistar's just following the lead of Mercedes Benz's Unimog and the rolling diagnosis that is the Hummer.

It's time for urban & suburban environments to start treating SUV owners like smokers. It's time to force big SUV owners to get commercial drivers licenses.

I'd like to see anyone operating a vehicle with a GVW greater than 5,000 lbs having to go through an extra hoop at the DMV. Such a hoop would 1) potentially lead to more adequately trained SUV drivers and 2) inform these drivers that society is actively discouraging these embarassingly overmassive vehicles.


Andy said...

Nice to see Congress working to curb insane SUV tax breaks.

Andy said...

Clearly concerned with US dependence on oil and environmental pollution, this truck is now available in a version that's only eight feet tall.

How considerate.