Thursday, August 19, 2004

Fake Subway Map for RNC attendees

Ted Rall's much-syndicated column NYC TO GOP: DROP DEAD suggests that some protesters will be handing out altered NYC subway and street maps to add to RNC confusion.

I couldn't find any maps online altered for specifically this purpose, but I found a map designed by a subway enthusiast that will work just fine for so-inclined protesters.

Click on a map for a flyer-sized, printable version

The Real Thing: The Proud NYC Subway

Source: New York City Transit

The Ideal Thing: A special map for RNC delegates

Source: [...and Michael Calgano, by extension]

Since the T & 8 don't exist at all, I'd guide RNC members to those lines. Otherwise, a great number of the depicted stops are fictitious. Simply telling them to take the subway to Staten Island (where no subways run) would be fun.

Get out there and enjoy a little civil disobedience.


Andy said...

The fake map is a reinterpretation of another artist's work. The original is available here.

Anonymous said...

It's sad that you Democratic asses have to resort to this.

Andy said...

Ah... it's that understated wit I've come to expect from the Democrats' vitriolic interlocutors.If only ├╝ber-Republican Tom Delay had his way, attendees to the Republican National Convention would be sequestered onto cruise ships and wouldn't have to interact with New Yorkers at all.

My advice to anyone wanting to get reacquainted with America: Get lost in America. See what people are like outside your bubble, your neighborhood, your socio-economic class, your town.

I, for one, wish the Republicans had their convention in New York City more often than once every 150 years. Maybe getting lost in New York City is just what the GOP needs to regain the traditional conservative footing that it has lost during the Bush administration.

Anonymous said...

nice idea, a fake map.

here is what i don't get: there are many republicans with a spine and with brains and with less than $10 mill in their bank account. how can they vote for bush? that guy is ripping them off just like the rest of us, bringing up the entire world against the US, spreading fear and terror to forward his radical agenda, spilling the lives of our soldiers in a battle they cannot win, all to enrich the Halliburons and other profiteers... where the heck are the republicans against bush? do they want to win so badly that they risk the lives of everybody, that they kill and torture? can't be... i am just baffled.

wake up, guys: the man on the top is a fake, backed by insane and dangerous right-wingers whose solution to any problem is a big(ger) gun. do you like the world we live in? this isn't about Republicans againds Democrats and it hasn't been in a long time. It's abour removing a dangerous person from the office of the President - for the sake of us all.

Chris Webmaster said...

I am the person who created this map. I never intended it for this purpose, but just to let you all know, i would do the same with an MBTA one for the dems in Boston. I dont care much for politics. Thanks for all the attention you have given my work. And btw, i live in staten island, so thats why there are subways there.

Click here to visit my website!

Andy said...

So... it looks like has moved the printable version. If anybody has a working URL for the ideal subway, please let me know.