Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Social Medicine

There are a few things that the good people of Alabama don't have:

1. Money: According to the most recent U.S. Census (.pdf link -- state data is on page 16 of 40), Alabama has 14.6% of its residents living in poverty, a rate that places it 43rd (or 8th, depending on how you look at it) among U.S. states.

2. An Elected Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court: Roy Moore was removed from his elected post during the Ten Commandments scuffle last fall. J. Gorman Houston, Jr. currently sits in his place.

Note that 3. A State Whiskey is not on this list.

...because now Alabama has a state whiskey. In fact, the Alabama Senate followed the Alabama's House's lead, overriding Governor Bob Riley's veto to name Conecuh Ridge Fine Alabama Whiskey the "official state spirit."

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