Friday, August 29, 2003

Giants in Salary Mess

If you follow the San Francisco Giants, it's mystifying to see them succeed as they have with a payroll that makes this little sense. Two outfielders who almost never play (Jeffrey Hammonds and Marvin Benard) make $1,500,000 more than Tim Worrell ($2M), Marquis Grissom ($1.85M), Benito Santiago ($1.78M), Neifi Perez ($1.5M), Dustin Hermanson ($900K), Scott Eyre ($725K), Andres Galarraga ($500K), Pedro Feliz ($325K), Ryan Jensen ($317K), Chad Zerbe ($317K), Yorvit Torrealba ($312K), and Joe Nathan ($300K) COMBINED.

No amount of Billy Beane-ball could solve this contract problem.

Conclusion: Whatever they do during this post season, next season could look like the 1998 Florida Marlins, a 54-108 squad with a completely different roster from the team that won the World Series the previous year.

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